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Rodcast #2 - Winter is Patient

February 28, 2007 9:41 PM

DJ Totally Cutie/DJ Hot Air Balloon (this one is billed to Hot Air Ballon for reasons known only to him) has returned with mini-mix No. 2(this one is slightly less mini clocking in at 25 minutes). A mix of the slow burn candle that lights the winter nights and the urgency of human feeling. I originally was wanting to jam LOTS of songs into a small space with lots of cuts, but the feeling of letting the songs breathe deeply and waiting for the next one just sorta overtook in the process. I don't mind saying that I'm pretty pleased with the mood it taps into. Tracklist: 1.Melodium - Flacana 06, 2.Sam Cooke - Nothing Can Change This Love (live at the Harlem Square Club), 3.Mary Timony - W.O.W., 4.The Game - Scream On Em, 5.Ciara - I Proceed, 6.Pitbull - Voodoo, 7.Roland P. Young - Row Land, 8.Fleetwood Mac - Walk a Thin Line, 9.Uilab - St. Elmo's Fire. I hope you like.

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