Making The World Smaller

What We Think About This Business

States Rights Records is a music and future arts label based in Portland, Oregon. The goal of SRR is to present a unified and collective vision of rad musics that might not conventially all be associated together. We believe deeply in the music that we choose to share with the world and those who make it. We would like to share something hopeful, beautiful, and straight up fun that is not limited by anything especially genre.

Genres are like ghettos that we force music into by our need to compartmentalize. They inhibit our mind's ability to listen up and listen freely, out of love and not law. But it is in the spirit of love and not law that the music of the States Rights Records is made, and it is in the spirit of love and not law that we represent the music of the States Rights Records.

We want everyone to hear this music, and our favorite way to share it with you would be to send it to you directly in mail or for you to get it directly for our artists at one of their live shows! DIRECT CONTACT! We will write you a note! You will see our handwriting and maybe their will be some cat hair stuck on the package! We are the local mercantile of the past but in this future internet worldwide friendship world. We try to make products that are sustainable (recycled papers and inks, less plastic).

We would like to fill the map that represents us with little dots of light and recognition. (the dots are you)

Contact info

States Rights Records
5802 N. Kerby Av.
Portland, OR
(503) 969 0455



Lucky Dragons

Bobby Birdman

Audio Dregs

Marriage Recs.

Yarn Lazer

Golden Shoulders

Parenthetical Girls

Cains and Abels

Not Not Fun Records


Fryk Beat