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Kris Jensen Memorial Auction

August 28, 2009 5:24 PM

It's me! Steve Schroeder, TV WIZARD.

"On the evening of Sunday, August 2, the Jensen family—including Rachael Jensen, keyboardist and violinist for the Portland-based pop group Parenthetical Girls—suffered a major tragedy: four members of her immediate family were involved in a fatal car accident while traveling home from an annual family reunion. Her father and two brothers were rushed to an intensive care facility, and are now in the early stages of their recovery. Tragically, family matron Kris Jensen, 51, passed away at the scene. Kris’ extreme kindness and exuberance touched a tremendous number of people, but it was her particular enthusiasm for music and generosity with musicians that broadened her impact to so many people in our community. All proceeds from the show and auction will benefit the Kris Jensen Memorial Fund, a trust organized to assist the surviving members of the Jensen family with the mounting financial strain of their medical care."

Rachael is a great friend of mine and States Rights Records and I had the opportunity to meet Kris a couple times. I was proud to DJ at the Portland benefit concert this past week and also proud to lend a couple items for the Memorial Auction. First we have a huge pack of States Rights LPs, CDs, notebooks, T-Shirts which retail would be well over $200. In addition to all the cool stuff I will be providing the auction winner with special burned DVDs every week of tv shows that I curate for them. Let's be honest, I'm pretty good at TV. I find cool shows, I'm good at downloading them, NO COMMERCIALS. It's a special service and I guarentee you that you will be exposed to some cool, interesting, awesome programming you haven't seen before. There is a second auction item that is for just the TV curation service aka Grunty TV (Grunty being my cat) that's for those who already have most of the States Rights stuff.

There are tons of great items in the auction: packs from other great labels, test pressings, amazing art (photos, prints, drawings, etc), a special cake, tea services, haircuts, homemade theremins, and way more.

Here is the list of all the auction items on Ebay.

Bid on stuff! There is no better use of your money. I think the auctions all end Tuesday evening.

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