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New Rodcast Series: Secret Genius of Robert Pollard

September 22, 2009 11:06 AM

Spherical Miracle a collage by Robert Pollard.

Well looky here! We have a brand new mini-series of rodcasts to unveil. It's all songs by ONE GUY!! Sounds great, right? This guy is the greatest songwriter in rock and roll history though. BOOM, I said it, and I meant it. A lot of people are familiar with Robert Pollard's work on Guided by Voices' most popular albums, but this dude has unleashed probably somewhere around 8,000 songs into the world and so I'm gonna play some of his songs from the lesser recognized releases: very early GBV stuff, solo albums, other projects, B sides, unreleased. Some will be scratchy weird recordings, some will be bombastic full band studio affairs. It will all be filled with melody, poetry, and weird beauty. Get in. Get deep, you will be rewarded for your openness. I've done all the heavy lifting for you already, and I'm the one who has to deal with the addiction, you just get to reap the benefits of my edited obsession.

Secret Genius of Robert Pollard Vol. 1: A Boy in Motion (74.0 MB MP3)

States Rights Rodcast in iTunes

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