As As


As As + White Rainbow's Sky Drips Drifts


1. Love
2. Underground
3. See
4. Boy (6.6 MB MP3)
5. Cloudy, Cloudy, Cloudy
6. Love Attack
7. Feel
8. Mountain
9. Untitled

Aaron and Adrienne Snow have been making music together for many years usually within the wonderful band Landing, but now as they bring their first human child into the world we here at States Rights are bursting with pride to bring you their first music child as the band Paper.

As As is simply gorgeous, the most rhythmic based music from the Snows it finds them exploring areas inspired by Kraut, drone, shoegaze, and more. It is soft, beautiful, and at at times ambient but also driving, strong, and the kind of record you can listen to over and over again.