The Badger King

The Tongue and Tooth

This is States Rights Colorado


1. The She Trilogy
2. You Are a Great Beast
3. Sermon of the 12 Acknowledgements (3.6MB MP3)
4. Red Ships of Spain
5. Buck & I (3.4MB MP3)

"The Tongue and Tooth" is a shimmering apex of blistering sound/emotion. Conceptual electro art/pop ideas merge together using 9078686's brilliance as a producing machine and Ritchey's tragic, often whimsical skill as a poetess. Her voice is cracked, bleeding; a soaring raven of malcontent and epiphany, peering down at the miniature world beneath the clouds with her black, glistening eyes. The samples are excruciating and perfect. The EP is a manic, libertine orgy of dreamscapes and nightmares, of brothers and sisters tormented by Demon Bears, of great beasts and too-heavy crows and brutal canyons, of strange Red Ships sailing on blackened, stinking seas.