Dirty Projectors

Morning Better Last

This is States Rights Connecticut


1. The Softer Shell
2. Brother Had a Birthday
3. The Enterprising Catalyst
4. Grandfather's Jacket
5. After Santa Monica
6. Ghanabama
7. Further On Down the Strip
8. Katydids Calling
9. Twenty-Foot Stalks (exit 14) (2.2MB MP3)
10. We Could Cling
11. The Love-Prayer Book
12. To Give It Weight (Then He Gave It Cartilage)
13. Here Comes The Summer King
14. Her Freezing and Thawings
15. Hildegarde vs. Beach Boys
16. We Two Feared the Storm
17. How Does My Mind Work?
18. I Am Going to See It
19. Fake Folks
20. D and The Disordered Sprawl
21. Like Once Heated Milk (7.0MB MP3)
22. O! You Hungering Infants
23. Morning Had Better Last!

These are songs culled from these three 'triple albums' that I made and gave to my friends way back in 2001 and 2002. The first was called Nile Yessum/Picknum Deduns/Pickenham Dedonshire; the second was Brother Had A Birthday/Live At Sam's/The Glad Fact Testimonial; the third was Three Brown Finches/Obscure Wisdom EP/Seven Songs That Owe A Lot To Zep III.

It's true what Steve said, that these songs come from the "edges and the middles" of my creativity. No two on this CD sound remotely alike. Lots of performances of me trying to leave my body, exerting myself and expending lots of energy, climbing up walls, etc. The only ambient music I've made so far, the only a cappella recordings I've made so far, the only funk I've made, the only Latin jazz I've made, the only songs I've written about Sheryl Crow: they're on here. Enjoy.
Love, Dave