Idol Fodder


This is States Rights Devon County


1. The Onliest Thing (6.8 MB MP3)
2. Earlimusix
3. Strangest Games
4. Infamy
5. Analyze My Life
6. Full Term
7. Death and The Maiden

Barely christened themselves, the fledging Idol Fodder (featuring Alig Fodder, founder of post-punk pioneers Family Fodder) have graciously blessed the Pregnancy Series with their beautiful first born--the swirlingly womb-wet Bäbytalk. The sixth installment of States Rights Records and Slender Means Society's tandem Pregancy Series (in which we commission some of our favorite artists to conceive of a "Concept EP" through a method foreign to their normal creative process), Bäbytalk offers the most passionately literal take on the cycle's namesake--a circular fluid-rich exploration of birth and what follows thereafter.

Over seven swelling, undulating explorations, Bäbytalk breathes with beautifully mature sense of sound and subversion of expectation--the result is a miniature masterwork.

As with each release of the Pregnancy Series it's strictly limited to 700 copies.