Yume Bitsu

Dryystonian Dreamscape Music Played For A Live Audience

This is States Rights Dryystan


1. Forgotten Promise
2. Arc of the Gentle (10.8MB MP3)
3. Horn of Forgetfulness, Horn of Mystery
4. Bundy Bundy
5. Truth
6. Exploding Rainbow/Rainbow (7.9MB MP3)
7. The Wedding Procession (Rehearsal Dinner version)
8. Prince of Dryystyn
9. Diffucult to Pronounce But Then It Just Trips Hard

Wonderful and rare recordings of these messengers playing in Oakland and San Francisco. Gentle and deliberate, thoughtful and swooning, don't be afraid to get lost with this. This is the only official live recording from Yume Bitsu and is very limited edition.