A States Rights Compilation

This is States Rights Florida


1. Lucky Dragons - "Fake Is Forever"

2. Bobby Birdman - "And Then It Begins"

3. The Blow - "Hey Boy"

(DJ Aldar Forkmin "Alpha-Club" Remix)

4. YACHT - "Sometimes I Doubt Your Committment..." (3.9MB MP3)

5. Andrew Kaffer - "Why (Do You Doubt Me Baby?)" (1.2MB MP3)

6. Thanksgiving - "Grandfather Dawn"

7. The Dirty Projectors - "So Stingy U Reign"

8. The September Equation - "How Much It Takes"

9. MAY.23/2/0/0/7 - "October 17th 2008"

10. Parenthetical Girls - "Love Connection" (O Mix)

11. Andrew Kaffer & Adam Bayer - "X1"

12. Thanksgiving - "The Lake At Night"

13. Lucky Dragons - "Mo Cheeks Edit"

14. The Badger King - "You Absent Referent"

15. Dear Nora - "Hey Tiger"

16. YACHT - "A Head That Smells So Good"

17. Bobby Birdman - "As Heavy As My Name"

18. Jimmyjames - "Hater"

19. Portland Rhythm Makers - "Struggle Riddim"

20. MAY.23/2/0/0/7 - "May 24th 2003"

21. The Dirty Projectors - "Jolly Jolly Jolly Ego"

22. YACHT - "Lulling You"

23. Adam Forkner -

"Re-creation of the audio section of the White Rainbow Full Spectrum Instalation Feb 1-3rd @ The CCA Gallery, S.F. CA"

24. Parenthetical Girls - "Love Connection" (X Mix)

Own Zone is States Rights ode to "In My Room" by the Beach Boys. Own Zone is a compilation in black & white, but we urge you to color it in by listening and feeling. Own Zone is a truly wonderful collection of 24 songs by 15 artists. Own Zone is all over the place. It is dance pants and then slow roll. It is harsh drills and soft trills. It is RIL music. It's totally good. SWEAR. If anyone has a problem with their Own Zone working, let me know, and we will get the problem solved.