A States Rights Compilation

This is States Rights Georgia

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1. E*Rock feat YACHT on programming and DJ Hot Air Balloon on shouts - "Bro Up 2005"

2. Dirty Projectors - "Nevermind"

3. Bobby Birdman - "I've Been Away" (2.5MB MP3)

4. Hooliganship - "Tropycal" (2.2MB MP3)

5. White Rainbow - "oooo yeah freedom 96"

6. YACHT - "Drawing in the Dark"

7. Lucky Dragons - "Mini Peace 5(Mint Aoa)"

8. Jib Kidder - "Yall Want That Drell"

9. Atole - "¡Pancho!"

10. Paper - "Keep Distancing"

11. Parenthetical Girls - "Puritanically Yours"

12. [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] - "Return of [[[[VVRSSNN]]]]"

13. Cains & Abels - "Opportunity (Summer Moon Illustration)"

14. Franz Prichard and Alex Bundy feat. Bobby Birdman - "Deeper Vision, Pale Shadow (I Am The Ghost)"

15. World - "Rejoice in the U of the Flute"

16. Thanksgiving - "99 Cents Bag of Chips"

17. Dear Nora & Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - "Hot Boyz"

18. Hooliganship - "Meditation Song"

19. S. American Agriculture - "Close Your Eyes...."

20. Kanda - "In Celebration of Karaoke"

21. Manta - "Samantha"

22. Golden Shoulders - "Let My Burden Be"

23. YACHT - "Holy Sh (Demo Version)"

24. Lucky Dragons - "Ivy Girl"

25. The Watery Graves of Portland - "Caracas"

26. The Kallikak Family - "Dulce De Leche"

27. White Rainbow - "FROOZZZZZMIOP"

28. Bobby Birdman featuring Little Wings - "Dreemz"

29. Kid Finish - "Loving My People"

30. Jib Kidder - "Pattern of Plant Sabbath"

Bro Zone is the sequel to Own Zone. This time around we are focusing on the times shared with those we consider close. The times where you are sharing an experience. The times where you are sitting in car, windows rolled down, not talking because the music is too loud but also so happy that you are with that person or persons. The times where you maybe don't have to finish a story because the person already understands. The times where you are so excited to show your friend something new...a song, or a funny picture or something and they think it is as amazing as you do. The connected times.

Plus, it's totally a summer fun party thing. The artists involved were also asked to look towards pop culture and take something positive from it and make it into something of their own. So, we look to our friends. We look to what we hear and see around us, and we make it into something for celebration and a new new music party nation.

30 HOT NEW TRACKS. RIL music rolls deeper.