Jason Anderson

Life Sucks Love Sucks Dose Out

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Thug Poet

1. You Already Have (4.4 MB MP3)
2. I Am Like Snow To You
3. I'm Going Into The Vault For You
4. Two Trees
5. Hidden Light
6. You Can't Think Like This
7. I've Only Just Begun
8. To Make Something Beautiful Every Day
9. Something More
10. We Will

For the last handful of years Jason Anderson has been creating explosions of good feelings and hope in his bombastic concerts of collective group feeling and singing. Jason's last few releases, Tonight from ECA Records and The Hopeful and the Unafraid from K Records, have represented that powerful electric group experience for the most part. Alas, there are other times and other feelings, and one of the things that made me fall in love with Jason Anderson's music back in 1996 was his ability to make the perfect song for those quiet, lonely moments of beautiful solitude. This is the album for those times.

Life Sucks Love Sucks Dose Out is the sound of reaching out and not knowing what's at the end of your fingertips. It is music to be played in the dark and maybe with candles lit. It is solitary but also somehow universal. It is beautiful and sad but at the right moments remembering hope. This album is 10 great songs that patiently unfold before you becoming a closer confidant and friend with every listen.

You can buy Life Sucks Love Sucks Dose out along with Jason's recent The Hopeful & The Unafraid LP+CD for a special price!

Every copy of Life Sucks Love Sucks Dose Out comes with an awesome BONUS DIGITAL ALBUM called Thug Poet.

1. A Real Weird WIld World
2. Alcoholiday
3. For Mike
4. I Wish We Were Still Together
5. You Ran Away
6. We Turned Out The Lights
7. Let Me Come Over
8. Wilderness
9. For Luke
10. I Just Wish I Was Coming Back To You

This album will be delivered to you in physical form as a postcard you will receive with your order that will lead you to the mp3s!