Lucky Dragons


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1. New Alium (3.6 MB)
2. Aluvum Te Na Hagaru
3. Sheeps and Sneezes
4. The Sound of Waves
5. Dissolve Yourself
6. V Pattern
7. Death Friends
8. Summer Swans
9. Dark Falcon
10. Peasantries
11. Pleasantries
12. Care For
13. Hello New Friend (2.7 MB)
14. Complement Song
15. Snowing Circle
16. Returner

Exactly one year in the making (January to December of 2005), "Widows" marks a return to the album format for Providence RI's Lucky Dragons after a series of cd-r's, web-only releases, EP's and other unpackageable mishaps. In many senses a direct descendant of 2003's "Dark Falcon" (555 Recordings), "Widows" recalls the brittle homespun eclecticism of the first Lucky Dragons forays into the uncanny lightness of a very undigital digital music. The sixteen tracks on this long-player draw on a series of improvised group explorations (jams)--in kitchens, bedrooms, sidewalks, gardens and forests--and shatter into fractal rememberings of things: dulcimers, banjos, and fiddles, made up languages, splintering shifts and squeaks; cascading layers of impossible memories and warm places and future friends.

Also! Special "Bonus Disc" available called "Mini Dream Island" with live versions and remixes by YACHT, Javelinas, Eats Tapes, Wind Up Bird, and more! Marriage Records LP version of Widows also available.