The Love Letter Band

This World Be My Church

This is States Rights New Mexico


1. Landscape I
2. Iron Maiden Posters
3. Landscape II
4. Ain't No Grave Deep Enough To Keep Me Down
5. Landscape III
6. New Lover
7. Marisa's Tribute To The Lucky Dragons and Dear Nora's Tribute To Bob Dylan (2.0MB MP3)
8. I'm Gonna Drink All Day (4.1MB MP3)
9. Landscape 4
10. Everybody Lives In Their Own Little World

After a 2+ year lapse in releases The Love Letter Band is back with This World Be My Church, which is the 4th Volume in the Pregnancy Series. Known for their 4/8 track pop wizardry, This World Be My Church sees The Love Letter Band answering the Pregnancy Series' challenge of creating music in a different way. The 10 song EP is darker and rawer than past TLLB releases, leaving a more stripped down and painfully open and honest sound. Field recording/ambient interlude tracks juxtaposed with folk pop songs give This World Be My Church an organic flow give the feeling that this EP is an actual living breathing creature. Main Love Letter dude Chris Adolf has taken it deeper than ever before, and we are immensely proud to be able to share it with everyone.