The Badger King

The Badger King Break Up

This is States Rights Oregon


1. I Am Ire (2.9MB MP3)
2. Water Quiet, Water Dark
3. Strong Cherry Tree
4. Flee To Me, Remote Elf
5. Buck & I (Remix)
6. You Are A Great Beast (Remix)

Some painful growing-up has occurred, as well as some intense soul-searching. Ritchey's songs still conjure up visions of the sea, but rather than being calm and clear, it is now disturbed, troubled, and wretched. For there is Ritchey's voice, swelling in multi-layered efficiency, pulling us in like some kind of magic lasso, and then spinning us around until we don't know right from wrong anymore. And there is 9078686's production--this time he has taken us to a place we've never been before. The ear is literally bamboozled with the variety of sounds he thrusts viciously upon it with synth and sample as his burning sword. "Water Quiet, Water Dark" describes the world under the ocean, where bizarre creatures live in pitch blackness, hunting and killing using infrared laser beams attached to their vestigial noses. "Strong Cherry Tree" may be the only love song in history to use the phrase, "cold and slimy, cold and slimy and gross." Wow. Just Wow. Won't you join us?