Lucky Dragons


This is States Rights Rhode Island


1. Helicopter de Cristal
2. Mi Corazón Zone
3. Mi Corazón Zone
4. Un Lagrima en la Discoteca (2.5MB MP3)
5. La Desdeñosa
6. Dura (Big Screen TV Mix)
7. Onda Tocadisco
8. Ya Me Voy, OK?
9. Que Cabeza Paqueña
10. Painful Corazón

+ Videos via enhanced CD

I'm not quite sure what it really is, but it feels like being in jeep in Nicaraqua in 1979 on a dusty road with a fuzzy transistor radio scanning and coming upon unheard treasure after treasure. Or maybe it's Portugal in 1993 in an empty tavern and their cd player is skipping. It is the combination of coming upon something that you haven't heard before and having that feeling like you want to tell everyone you know about it and also thinking "Wait. Is this how it's supposed to sound?" This EP could only be from the amazing Lucky Dragons.