Bad Weather California

Young Punks

This is States Rights SoCal.



Double Burner Pack! Lee Gull (CD) + Bad Weather California (CD)


New Family Pack! Bad Weather California (CD) + Cains & Abels (CD)


1. New Religion
2. This is My Country Too
3. I Dreamed
4. Lets Go To Bed
5. 1992
6. Two Ways (5.2 MB MP3)
7. Lets Get High
8. America
9. I Don't Know
10. Good Things WIll Happen
11. Needle & The Spoon

Woo Hoo! Ay yi yi! Bad Weather California's first full length album Young Punks makes you hoot and holler. Young Punks is a celebration waiting to happen. Chris Adolf, Adam Baumeister, Joe Sampson, and Logan Corcoran are Denver's pied pipers clanging some kind of beautiful racket leading those who still believe in the power of rock and roll and reminding the rest about the power of letting loose. Young Punks is acid tinged boogie country punk. Adolf's lyrics bring forth imagery of utopian communes full of free spirits and idealist political imagery. It's a record of rootsy optimism and wild humanism.

Bad Weather Cali's frontman Adolf was the man behind The Love Letter Band, who put out a couple full lengths and a couple eps (including one as part of The Pregnancy Series). Bad Weather California is in some ways the yang to TLLB's yin. TLLB was in many ways an experiment with home recording and a small, borderline precious sound (some toy instruments). Bad Weather California is a band in the true sense and focuses on live shows but his many years of focusing on recordings shines through on this excellent and focused album.

Young Punks is gonna make your day better.

CHECK IT OUT! BONUS! When you order the physical CD you get a bonus ripper called "Take Me On Back" delivered to your email. It's a totally awesome extra song!