Jib Kidder

All on Y'all: Da Mixtape

This is States Rights The Trunk.


1. The Shortcut
2. Bounce Rock Skate Roll
3. Small Fish
4. Mystikal Sh*t
5. Me, Andre & Yuri
6. Notorious Queens (500 roses mix)
7. The Shortcut II
8. Thug & Chicken
9. Havenhurst Bounce
10. Flip Flap(1.5 MB MP3)
11. YACHT - Magic Beat (Jodorowsky in Orange County Mix)
12. One For The Paper Rollers
13. It Really Don't Even Matter 2 Me
14. Aga Aga (Mega Gayle Mix) (3.8 MB MP3)
15. Boost
16. Kirigamix (Slowed, Throwed & Blown)
17. Kryptonite

It's been a long time coming folks. A long long time. Jib Kidder and States Rights Records have been flirting pretty hardcore for a couple of years, but our tension filled relationship has finally been consummated. TWO FOLD! It's twins, well not really twins. First we have "All on Y'all: Da Mixtape," which will be followed up in a couple of months by "All on Y'all" (the album!).

Jib Kidder has been toiling over the strange bounce of the "All on Y'all" records for years. The byte by byte bounce of the mixtape shows the work of a madman from the experimental music/improv guitar world who spent many of his formative years living in Atlanta and became inspired by local independent regional rap styles and home production hip hop.

"All on Y'all: Da Mixtape" is a mind boggling and body moving mix that is ONLY 5 DOLLARS and truly something you can listen to over and over again. Chock full of hits and an epic YACHT remix