White Rainbow


This is States Rights Temporary Zome Structure.


White Rainbow Pak! Sky Drips Drifts (CD) + Zome (CD)


1. Guilded Golden Ladies (6.6 MB MP3)
2. How High A Ridge I Could Not Tell (Song for Eugene Levy)
3. Germany

White Rainbow's ZOME is the first major release by Adam Forkner since his great [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] album and the first major release under the White Rainbow name. It is a beautiful record that I have been wanting to release since it was recorded and am bursting at the seems now that Adam has finally okayed it. The music is soft, growing, beautiful, patient, and breathing. It is 4 songs and 42 minutes that is such a peaceful and beautiful peice of music to listen to again and again.

Here is what Adam says about this album: "ZOME was recorded in the fall of 2003 with members of Landing in their attic studio as an audio love letter to my (at that point very new) eternal love vibe-partner Honey Owens. It Is the last sort of "ambient rock" recordings I've made, with guitars, effects, keyboards, bass, vocals, drums, and drum machine. It was during my national tour in support of my very first solo record called [[[[VVRSSNN]]]]. At the time of this recording, all the VVRSSNN vibes were starting to dissapear and the idea of White Rainbow as a name and a vibe and a more infinite concept was born. So this is sort of a segue between what i was doing as VVRSSNN and the more abstract ambient music I have been developing for the two years since then. It is one of my favorite recordings I have ever made and I am so proud and happy that is it finally coming out. So please, give it a listen and let me know what you think!"