Our Friends In Hell

Remixes by YACHT

This is States Rights Virginia


1. Architecture In Helsinki - Nevereverdid (Cave Rave Remix)

From "We Died, They Remixed" on Moshi Moshi

2. YACHT - See A Penny (Premix)

Previously Unreleased

3. Lucky Dragons - Leaf Shells (Elephant Dance Remix)

From "Mini Dream Islands" on Marriage Records

4. The Blow - Hock It (We Two Remix) (5.3MB MP3)

From "Poor Aim: Love Songs" on K Records

5. Copy - Copy On Me (F**K The Law Remix)

Previously Unreleased

6. Mirah - Make It Hot (Over Remix) (4MB MP3)

From "Joyride" on K Records

7. Bobby Birdman - I Will Come Again (And Again Remix)

From the 12" on Fryk Beat

8. Tussle - Second Guessing (Nether Plane Remix)

From Alphabet Series Letter on Tomlab

9. The World Court - Animal Oracle (Premix)

Previously Unreleased

10. Architecture in Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind (Remix)

Previously Unreleased

11. White Rainbow - Newoverdubs (Soft NRG Remix)

Previously Unreleased

12. Bobby Birdman - And Then It Begins (RIL Remix)

Previously Unreleased

13. Mirah - Jerusalem (Chopped & Screwed Remix)

From "Joyride" on K Records

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The first official YACHT release in over two years, Our Friends in Hell takes its title from a song by Thunder Sundress, a now-defunct LA band whose simultaneous embrace and satire of psychedelic folk revivalism can be compared to the joyful plunder of YACHT's unselfconscious, intelligent remixes. These are not remixes in the traditional sense: although the songs are always danceable -- nay, they impel you to dance -- Jona Bechtolt has gone deeper, grasping at the very heart of each song and bringing it out into the daylight, dewy and often unrecognizable. Consequently, Our Friends in Hell lacks the scattered, noncommittal atmosphere of most remix records -- it's designed to play like an album. All of the voices are tied together, freaking out, one weird pulse underlies the whole thing, resulting in a warm, euphoric, together-ness thing rushing out onto the dance floor.

The record also includes a never-released teaser track from the new YACHT full-length, I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real., dropping on May 8th.