Super Warren MMIV

This is States Rights Wisconsin


1. Jonathan Bechtolt
3. Remember What This Feels Like (6.7MB MP3)
4. I Needed A Change
5. I Asked If We Could Have Sex One Last Time
6. Bunny & Duck's Boat House
7. Do You Remember The Summer?
8. Glowing Rock, Melting Bones
9. Flying And Biting
10. I Will Bend Backwards
11. The Denver Nuggets
12. We Want Tofu
13. I'll Be Happy
14. Doctor Tunde Babs
15. From The Sky, Down (1.5MB MP3)
16. Lulling You

Broken, freaked out but always with beauty, melody, and hope. YACHT's debut CD "Super Warren MMIV" is elegant and an extremely human example of electronic music. The frustration of a failing relationship with someone you love dearly meets the escapism of intricate, immersive, and bumping music. This is really where the soft click meets the hard rip. 16 radical Snap Traxx.