The Blow

Poor Aim: Love Songs

This is States Rights Western Washington


1. Hey Boy
2. The Sky Opened Wide Like The Tide
3. Knowing The Things That I Know (3.6MB MP3)
4. Lets Play Boys Chase Girls
5. The Live That I Crave
6. Hock It
7. "Come On Petunia"

The first in the Pregnancy Series, The Blow's Poor Aim is a concept EP dealing with misdirected love, failed love songs, and love's failings. Poor Aim is a commanding pop statement - or "hit factory," as we're affectionately calling it - with song after glorious song of striking dance floor brilliance. A rapid-fire RIL assault certain to be blow-up the playlists of iPod DJs nationwide. Give it a spin - we're sure you'll agree.