The Ghost and the Eyes with Trees in the Ground Outside the Window

This is States Rights Wyoming


1. The Ghost and the Eyes (3.0MB MP3)
2. O O O My Love
3. Now I'm Dude
4. A Song Is "A What The" "A Whoo Why"
5. Wait, Start Over
6. There's No Invisible Halloween Costume That Isn't There
7. The Archers Who Moved
8. The Ends of Lights
9. Trees In the Ground, Outside the Window

The second in the Pregnancy Series, The Ghost and The Eyes... is a conceptual double ep featuring two sides of loneliness and vastness. The Ghost and The Eyes shows Thanksgiving going deeper, wider, and more open than ever. This is a double EP with Adrian Orange's songs writing taking another huge hop, step, and a jump paired with the minimal and effective production of Phil Elvrum this makes for Thanksgiving strongest and boldest statement to date.