White Rainbow

Sun Shifts

Released by Yarnlazer

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1. Sun Shifts

one 65 minute track called "sun shifts" recorded in one sitting with guitar, trumpet, voice, bells, gong, bamboo thumb piano, and other weird stuff lying about going through my standard effect and loop pedal chain. sitting there surrounded by that stuff but mostly staring out at the sky and across the train tracks and river over to downtown Portland and the west hills behind - all that through the row of big, old, western-facing windows in our warehouse studio. watching the sun set and the sky turn an infinite and ever changing combination of colors in slow gradations as the day turned to evening dusk. first i did a 30-ish minute live stereo take, then an overdub that ran an additional 30+ minutes after that first take ended, then an overdub over that last 30 minutes or so. hand drawn covers edition of 100 copies