Welcome Nowhere Reissue Plus Bonuses (Double Vinyl!)

This was released by PW Elverum & Sun.

$17 (US) $22 (WORLD)

Side 1:
1. Welcome
2. Just Ice
3. Rich (Homeless)
4. Marriage
Side 2:
5. Born 2 B Wild
6. Nowhere
7. Years (Seasons)
8. Home Alone
9. Home Alone 2
10. Years (Seasons)2
Side 3:
11. The Ghosts & The Eyes
12. Song Disguise Is The True Dream
13. Wait, Start Again!
14. Halloween
15. The Archers Who Moved
16. The Ends of Lights
17. Trees In the Ground Outside The Window
Side 4:
18. No One's Dancing
19. Judges
20. Weeping
21. Waterfalls
22. Auntartica

Re-issue of the great Welcome Nowhere album by Thanksgiving. This also includes "The Ghost & The Eyes..." for the first time on vinyl which was released by us (SRR) on CD some years ago and is way out of print. PLUS PLUS PLUS 4 great songs that were recorded around the same time as Welcome Nowhere and 2 brand new ones. This is deluxe! Double Marbled vinyl. It is super nice. I have been listening to it lots. Remastered and sounds golden.