Jib Kidder

All on Yall

This is States Rights Atlanta.

Superior LP + CD Version

$10 (US) $15 (WORLD)

Inferior CD only version.

$10 (US)


1. Alltroduction
2. One for the Wildmen
3. Female Fire
4. Great Thieves
5. Kirigamix
6. Notorious Queens
7. Aga Aga (Hiromichi Mix)
8. Murdergong(4.3 MB MP3)
9. Windowdipper
10. Havenhurst Prophet Posse
11. ATLeatoric
12. The All in Yall

Sometimes projects take 5 years and sometimes it is worth it. After spending many years making music with his guitar and voice and other tactile instruments Sean Yent Schuster Craig started a project that was using machines to take other musics and make something altogether new with them. The palatte for this new project became primarily the sounds of southern underground rap that would consistently be rattling out of trunks of cars all around him as he grew up in Georgia.

All on Yall is not a mash up. All on Yall is not a party record. All on Yall is not a pop culture reference joke waiting to happen. All on Yall is a RECORD. So many different iterations of the album passed through my speakers, almost always sounding complete to me; then a new version would arrive, and it would be pretty different, with some of my favorite moments missing. But new moments would arrive and make more sense. Addition by subtraction. Using his favorite tones, sounds, and rhythms like a painter would use their favorite colors or strokes. It's incredibly goofy and cliche to talk about this with the painting analogy but I've been thinking about it a lot in my brain the last week or so while listening to this album and I feel really excited about it in that way so I must use this way to talk about it.

All on Yall is the twankle and glisten that will taint your day in just the right way.

All on Yall is the first 12" vinyl record we have ever made! It's pretty incredible. With the awesome record you get the big and beautiful artwork, a cd version, and a mini wheatpasteable poster! There is also a CD only version available for the same price (its just cd in a plastic sleeve with an insert).

ALSO! The first 50 orders of All on Yall will come with a free copy of the All on Yall: Da Mixtape! After the first fifty you can add the mixtape for only two dollars. Scoop this up!