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March 6, 2008 8:38 PM

New born baby Bäbytalk on her special blanky

She's up and done it again! The Pregnancy Series has gone and had another child. The sixth release in the Pregnancy Series is upon us and it is a beauty. The release is aptly titled Bäbytalk and comes to us from Idol Fodder, the new band from Alig Fodder of post-punk pioneers Family Fodder (Check out one of Family Fodder's classic jams here). Alig has recently released a 7" in Tomlab's Alphabet Series and contributed a track to the David Shrigley Worried Noodles compilation.

The new addition to the Pregnancy Series is the a literal take on the cycle's namesake--a circular, fluid-rich exploration of birth and what follows thereafter. Over seven swelling undulating explorations, Bäbytalk breathes with beautifully mature sense of sound and subversion of expectation--the result is a miniature masterwork.

We are also geeked beyond belief to be able to offer for sale the new LP by the amazing Valet! Naked Acid is the thickest hypnosis ever heard. Amazing cover art and Valet taking us deeper than ever before with an album that makes us think the words sparse and thick at the same time minimal and layered but always haunting and holding and completely captivating.

One more thing! We also now have CDs of White Rainbow's excellent Prism of Eternal Now in addition to LPs! So now there are all kinda of special deal combos in which you can score White Rainbow jams.

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Is it still available? or this one is just limited for 2008? Oh my~ I better have one, thanks~ can someone help me where I can buy this?

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