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Triangle Trinity Timewarp

August 20, 2009 4:29 PM

Rebecca Carlisle-Healy (aka Suzi Corpso) of Flaspar and so much more found some YACHT artifacts in her time travels.

While Jona and Claire of YACHT have been out sharing their beliefs and tones with a large portion of Planet Earth some of the more lab based members of YACHT have been at home putting those triangles to work. Do the words FLUX CAPICATOR mean anything to you guys?? How 'bout 1.21 GIGAWATTS? Well, it's true...somehow YACHT has turned their triangles into a time travel device! What they chose to do with the time travel device is ALMOST more important than the device itself. YACHT traveled to many eras and collected their favorite musicians such as Arthur Russell and the B-52s and Brian Eno and brought them all back to 2009 and then recorded the WORLDS GREATEST JAM SESSION OF ALL TIME. It's true. After this jam session occurred YACHT was properly inspired and motivated and then immediately made their new record SEE MYSTERY LIGHTS.

The big news is that States Rights is now selling this HISTORIC JAM SESSION (or as some would could it, an awesome inspiration mixtape). It's called Anthem of the Trinity. It's only 5 bucks and its a great mix. Remember all States Rights purchases come with a free blank States Rights notebook.

Anthem of the Trinity

In more YACHT news, I just added their new 7" vinyl record distro shop. It has their recent live show banger "Waste of Time" and a rad collabo with that lady at the top of this blog entry. When you buy it you get a free bonus mp3 remix of "Waste of Time" by Hedford Vachal. You can buy Anthem of the Trinity and the 7" together for $9. It's called the Apocrypha Pak!

Apocrypha Pak: Anthem of the Trinity & Don't Put Out


The SummerPack sale is still going on until September 1. We got a reload of Bad Weather California T-Shirts as well. Get in while the getting is good.

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Great! I love the cover design too of the new vinyl record. Thanks, I guess I should get one.

Len from pot de fleur lumineux 

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